Denise Austin

Denise Austin’s Fitness Journey

A renowned fitness expert, author and columnist for more than 30 years, Denise Austin is a champion for women who aspire to be healthy, active and vital at every stage of life. Denise’s trademark zest for life, positive outlook and purposeful attitude have endeared her to million of fans across the country and helped make her a leader in the fitness industry. Denise is as active as ever and working to help women reach their goals, no matter their age or background.

Denise' brings her own classes to Echelon.

Over the years, Denise has worked with millions of women, helping them reach their fitness goals in ways that fit their lifestyle. She has sold more than 24 million exercise videos, published 12 books and hosted the longest running fitness show in TV history. Now, using that experience she brings her own set of classes to the Echelon Experience. 

America's Favorite Fitness Expert

Echelon™ is thrilled to bring Denise Austin on board for her expertise and experience within the fitness industry. With the Smart Connect Bike, you finally get a chance to focus on yourself and get fit in a way that is convenient for you.